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John Douglas Consultants manage all our Health and Safety policies, systems and management in addition to our CDMC requirements. John Douglas has 20 plus years experience as an HS&E Professional Manager operating mainly in the Telecom, Construction and Petro-chemical industries. All his consultants hold membership of IOSH, IIRSM and the IEMA. As experienced, qualified and accredited HSE Professionals they are well placed to manage our projects. We are free to manage your project in the knowledge that compliance issues are being properly managed by them. His services include :

  • Health & Safety Management and Audit
  • Environmental Management and Audit
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Risk Management and Policy Development
  • CDM Co-ordinator Services
  • Construction site-based Health & Safety Management



We use PWC Building Control Services to ensure all our projects comply with the national standards found in the building regulations. We work with PWC from start to finish so all aspects of our work comply with the standards from foundation to window fitting.

PWC are Government approved and offer a real alternative to the local councils building control services. Their inspectors provide a rapid, customer orientated plan and inspection service tailored to our construction needs.

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Warwick Investments specialises in buying part-completed and completed developments throughout the UK. The utilisation of our significant cash reserves gives us a competitive advantage over those who need to source funding. This enables Warwick Investments to purchase properties quickly, making us a favourable choice to sellers.


Intasecure are a professional security company who provide us with our security needs on projects where our clients require the securing of their site or property whilst work is in progress and post completion. Their service is an optional extra upon request. They are fully accredited, provide professionally trained staff and cater for all aspects of security requirements.

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